1. One serial number contains N Register number (N >= 1)
  2. One Register number registers one PC permanently.
  3. One Register number can be shared in any version of Ae on a PC.
  4. Registering costs one Register number, deactivating recovers one Register number
  5. Only Registering and Deactivating need internet. You can use PixelsWorld offline after registering is completed.
  6. You don't have to deactivate before re-installing your OS, UNLESS you changed the hardware like CPU or mainboard. When you finished re-installing your OS, register PixelsWorld again, this kind of registration doesn't cost the Register number. Contact us if you forget to deactivate your serial number and you have already changed your CPU and mainboard.
  7. Serial number doesn't bind with any personal information. You can BUT NOT RECOMMEND sell it. MiLai visual performance group is not responsible for ANY trouble that happened in this kind of deal.
  8. The default value of Register number is 1. If you have more than one PC and you also want to run PixelsWorld on your multiple machines at the same time. Please purchase the corresponding number of PixelsWorld, we will send you the Serial number with Register number specified by you.

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