Load local Lua code

If you don't prefer to use PixelsWorld's editor, PixelsWorld can read txt file from the local disc. So you can write the file with the IDE you like.

Don't put the file to system disc(C:\ disc).


runFile([[d:\mycode.txt]]) -- Replace to your path
  • The reason we use [[d:\mycode.txt]] but not "d:\mycode.txt" is that the latter's \ will cause escape problem.
  • You can use any postfix you want(*.lua, *.code, *.magic) as long as its contents are texts.

Use the following code to read the code file beside your Ae project file.


runFile( projectFolder .. [[mycode.txt]]) -- Replace to your file name

Note: You should save your Ae project to a local disc or the projectFolder is just an empty string.

It is not over! Don't forget to refresh PixelsWorld


If you saved your code file, PixelsWorld cannot read it immediately. You should then hold Ctrl + Alt, click the logo image, this will trigger the rerender of PixelsWorld, then your new code will be read by PixelsWorld.

The logo images here appear with a constant probability distribution. We have designed lots of beautiful logo images putting here for those who like collecting them.

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