Link parameters

The outside parameters are provided for you to do some animation.

As you can see, there are 7 types of parameters are provided.

  • Sliders
  • Angles
  • Points
  • 3D Points
  • Checkboxes
  • Colors
  • Layers

Each of them have 10 controler for using.

Example :


 void main(){
    outColor = vec4(uv,slider[0],1.0);

If you change the slider 0, the color in your scene would change.


The parameters decleared in PixelsWorld are as below :


uniform float slider[10];
uniform float angle[10];
uniform bool checkbox[10];
uniform vec2 point[10];
uniform vec3 point3d[10];
uniform vec4 color[10];
uniform sampler2D layer[10];
uniform sampler2D inLayer;


  • The "inLayer" means Input layer.
  • The sampler2D is a value type provided by GLSL, you don't need to understand this value type. If you want to use the layer parameter. Please see the "getColor" section
  • "uniform" means global value. This is to tell the GPU that "You don't need to malloc memory and initialize them for each 'GPU worker', just do these when the "GPU Boss of works" start working. " So on the other hand, "uniform" declearation almost shows up outside your function.

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