World formula editor

Open the formula editor

Click the "Edit" button in the plugin panel.

World formula editor

For demonstrating purpose, we highlight different areas with colored rectangles.

World formula editor(colored)

Code area

Input your creative code here.

Language in this panel overrides the Language setting in your plugin panel. (default) selection means current language.

Reference list

Reference code that would help you to remind some frequently-used functions are listed here, this list is read-only currently.

Parameter settings

Here you can see the labels, the default value of parameters, and the language settings. Click the Parameter manager button to manage them. See also Parameter manager

Parameter settings are saved with code into preset.

Preset list

The pop-up menu contains all preset files in your local disc.

Here is the same definition:

  • A file with .pwp postfix, JSON format and located beside plugin is a Preset column. The name of the Preset column is the file name.
  • One Preset column contains several Presets
  • All Presets are listed below the pop-up menu.

Formula preview

The selected Preset's code can be previewed here. Click the Replace button to send preset code to the left code area (This will override the previous code).

If you only want to replace the text and don't want the parameter settings change. Uncheck Apply when replace in Parameter settings preview area.

If you want the preset code to be combined in the front of your code, click <<Top button; Bottom>> means to combine preset code behind your current code.

Parameter settings preview

The selected Preset's parameter settings can be previewed here. If you want to apply it, click the Apply button to override the current settings.

Apply when replace means weather applies parameter settings when you click the Apply button in the Formula preview area.

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