Preset management

Save preset

In World formula editor, you can click the Save as preset button to save your code as a preset.

Note: Identical name incurs overriding.

Override save

In World formula editor, click the Save as preset button, and type the existing name to override the previous preset.


  • All operation in the editor is not undoable.

Rename presets

Double click the preset to rename a preset. Use name EXCEPTREMOVE and SORT.

Sort presets

Double click one preset and type in SORT.

Remove presets

Double click the preset you want to remove and type in REMOVE.

Add preset column

Click Add button in the Preset list


  • Name must be unique.
  • If failed, you might need to re-open Ae with administrator mode.


  • Format: utf-8, JSON
  • Not encrypted.

Contribute presets

Send your preset to with your name and detailed description.

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