AAit is a morphological anti-aliasing plugin, developed by MiLai(ZzStarSound 中梓星音), used in Ae.

This plugin is free-for-use now.

Download(Ae CC2014+)





If you apply AAit to a pixel-art image drawn with pixels bigger than 1x1,
change the "Pixel width/height" to the corresponding size. (e.g. 2x2)
Leave it to default otherwise.

"Area reference" is used to set Object ID info. See the figure below for more details.

Increase the "Edge threshold" to 10 or more if you are processing a colorful picture

Apply AAit directly to anime drafts

Anime drafts

Anime drafts

Anime drafts

Apply AAit to 3DCG layer

Note: Only the edge of the ObjectID is the valid AA area. If you want to AA the whole image, set "Area reference" to NONE and "Edge threshold" to 10

Anime drafts

Apply AAit to posterized effects

Anime drafts


No limitation Anti-aliasing

Since our AA algorithm is based on MLAA, not like FXAA or others, the length of the sawtooth-edge is unlimited.
Anime drafts